Selasa, 26 April 2011

went to the JB concert

hello guys , i'm beliebers yaww...u know what , on 21 april 2011 , i went to the JB concert ....that was my big dream to went there , i was suprised that i could be there yaww...since last years i spend my money to went the concert n lastly my dream become true..i never thought could went to the concert because i always thought that i can't keep my money for the concert , and I was determined also to go to a concert ....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......i was scream like a crazy boy when i arrived there ....the concert started at 8.30pm ..... when jb is come out everyone scream n shout like a crazy monkey including me , hahaha , but i'm not a monkey n the concert was finished at 10.30pm ,I am very satisfied to went the concert <3 <3because the concerts was awesome n great...JUSTIN BIEBER u r great singer in the world you so much JUSTIN BIEBER <3 <3you're my big idol :)